Ship Supply to German operator in Norway

  • Ship Supply to German operator in Norway

    Ship Supply to German operator in Norway

    Norsta Ship Supply

    – Norsta Ship Supply, the Norwegian-based service company to the Marine, Offshore, and Energy sectors, delivers another project in Norway. The company offers a wide range of marine services, including international deliveries. Services such as chandlery, aftermarket, outfitting, service personnel, rentals, logistics, trading, and advisory.

    VSL under German Ship Management

    The “MV Nordrubicon”, operated by a ship management group of companies, headed out of Hamburg, Germany, with offices respectively also in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Limassol, Cyprus. The Nordrubicon becomes the fourth ship in her fleet, which has been well served by Norsta Ship Supply at Norwegian ports.

    We always welcome professional cooperation to assist with requirements along our shores. We got contacted by our client when the ship still was in trade in the Americas. Early contact with ship supply and requirements is always to prefer, due to sufficient delivery planning, which is highly appreciated.

    The bulk Fleet

    The MV Nordrubicon is a vessel of the “handysize” classification and fits well to Norwegian port sizes.

    She has a capacity of  38,500 Dead Weight Ton (DWT). She is one of six assets in the owners 38,500 DWT category, with currently 51 vessels in the fleet.

    The VSL type is “Emerald 38 Mark II“ Handysize Bulker. The fleet carries mostly dry tonnage for their bulker segment. The fleet also consists of tankers and container vessels.


    Nordrubicon, origin, and technical specification essentials

    • Length / Beam: She has a length of 190 meters with a 28. meter beam.
    • Yard: Built at Zhejiang Ouhua shipbuilding yard at Zhoushan, China in 2016.
    • Classed by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai class society.
    • Cargo hold: The cargo hold capacity of this type is 47,564 m3.
    • Engine type: is a MAN 5G50 ME-B.
    • Cranes: She has got four sets of 30 mt MacGregor electro-hydraulic deck cranes (with an SWL at 28 m outreach).
    • MV Nordrubicon has a Portuguese flag of convenience, with her home port at Valetta, Malta.

    Trading pool

    The ship is currently in busy trade, employed under “Hanseatic Unity Chartering Handy Pool” (HUHP), which is a leading pool for large modern eco “handysize” vessels, located in Hamburg, Germany.

    Voyage en route Brazil

    The Vessel has been on a round-about in Central America, respectively at the port of Moin, Costa Rica, thereinafter Barranquilla, Colombia — carrying bulk cargo.

    Once she is discharged, she sets the course from Colombia to Brazil, headed for the large Hydro Alunorte plant. The Alunorte port facility is in the municipality of Barcarena, in the State of Pará.

    The plant is a huge contributor from its natural land resources of the mineral Bauxite, used in the production of the commodity, alumina.



    — After a day waiting on anchorage, she berths at the quay, aligning up for loading at the port of Vila do Conde, with its transshipment causeway (right side, and down below, left picture), extending 450m from the shore. Equipped with a conveyor belt, for fast cargo-hold loading.

    The outer berth is 292m long and is used for handling bulk cargo. The inner berth is 251m long and is used for handling general cargo and aluminum ingots.


    Voyage en route to Norway

    Nordrubicon departed from Alunorte, Brazil on, the 19th of March, and went out into the open sea through the Marajó Bay (which is one of the water sources to the Amazonas rivers), as she goes into international waters for her cross Atlantic voyage, towards Norway.

    Before entering Norwegian waters, marching at around 13 knots, the ship passes at a slow speed through the islands of North Scotland after crossing the Atlantic Ocean in good time for her Norwegian port schedule.

    Nordrubicon enters Norway on the day of Good Friday, scheduled for the port of Husnes, Norway, on the 1st day of Easter, at the Hydro Aluminium plant, Husnes (picture below, right side). Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Apr 03, 06:00.

    For discharging her bulk cargo, and loading necessary ship-supply. Where Norsta Ship Supply has been prepared inland shipping and arranging service from the Ship Agent. At the port in Husnes, the local Ship Agent makes sure the cargo gets safely delivered onboard the vessel, and reports back. The Ship Agent is a chandler’s well-appreciated asset in the play of shipping logistics.

    Ship Supply – Lifesaving signal equipment

    The ship chandler Norsta Ship Supply has supported the procurement and delivery of necessary pyrotechnical safety stores (distress signal). Serving with compliance on the IMO regulations, and conventions for safety, and security onboard the vessel. Lifesaving signals must work and be reliable (ready to use) at all times onboard a ship. Therefore, it is vital to keep up with the scope, and due dates for such products, ready to launch. Such hazardous products need to be transported safely to port with special care and regulation, in clearly marked containers.

    The typical OEM brands we deliver when it comes to pyrotechnic marine rescue, and signaling products are; Comet, Ikaros, and Pains Wessex “Painswessex”. Our products are SOLAS, MED and USCG approved. As such to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and SOLAS Convention for the safety of life at sea. As well as the vessel’s search and rescue specifications onboard.

    Typical products we deliver are Man overboard light and smoke, Man overboard lifebuoy light, Buoyant smoke, Smoke signal, Light and smoke signal, 15 Minute Smoke Signal, Orange Handsmoke, Linethrower, Linethrower rocket, Handheld flare, White Handflare, Red Handflare, Parachute Illuminating Rocket, Parachute rocket, and Day & Night Signals.

    Norsta delivers lifesaving equipment to a variety of marine and maritime requirements. We advise clients and vessels calling Norwegian or foreign ports, to contact us with necessary requirements.

    We are happy to find the preferred brand and solution at a reasonable cost, with effective distribution to most international and major ports.

    Did you know that Norsta Ship Supply delivers stores to any vessel in trade, and to most ports in Norway! With our agencies and partner distributorship network, we also provide Norwegian original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands in areas of; ship-electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, electric/ IT, mechanics, and provisions. With respect to system integrity, replacements, components, and maintenance parts & items. We also export throughout the world to where and when clients need it.

    On-demand port-calls

    For provision needs, we deliver at the moment to ports of Norway, and other locations per request. For technical requirements, we deliver to larger parts of the world. If your company has requirements at any port in the world, we can source and deliver, ad-hoc, on-demand. Or we can enter into a frame or fleet agreement for ongoing needs, to improve costs, predictability, and less administration for all.

    We will take the opportunity to thank our partners, suppliers, and Agents for a good job delivered. We thank our client for the assignment, and wish the ship Bon Voyage on its journey, and welcome to serve the fleet at any port, any time.

    We take the opportunity to welcome asset owners and operators, ship management companies, and Ship Agents to contact us when they need ship supply of any sort! Please mail us at for more information, or visit our webpage 

    PS. Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 Pandemy, we advise the need for more than normal time with deliveries, due to severe disruptions of supply chains.

    We stand by, ready to assist your needs!

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    Best regards,

    Your Norsta Ship Supply Team

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