Ship Chandler project to bulk vessel at Aardalstangen, Norway

  • Ship Chandler project to bulk vessel at Aardalstangen, Norway

    Ship Chandler project to bulk vessel at Aardalstangen, Norway

    Ship Chandler Service

    The Norwegian General Ship Chandler, Norsta Ship Supply, successfully delivers another Chandler project to Taiwanese client. The ship supply consisted of cabin store, pyrotechnical, safety store, maintenance, and spare parts.

    The Japanese built and Panama registered bulk carrier the “MV Corewise OL”,  is 178 m long with 37.000-ton deadweight. She departed from Vila Do Conde, Brazil late September, and made her ten days journey to Las Palmas, Spain. Thereby setting course for Norwegian waters, with her first stop was at Hoyanger before Aardalstangen. Whereas Hydro Aluminium Ardalstangen is a more suitable place to deliver than Hoyanger, with Ship Agents and better port facilities.

    The Taiwanese owner, which we had a great pleasure working with, over the past two weeks, is managing its fleet from its HQ at Taipei and other branch offices. Management supports general operations, and vessel procurement needs that the Captain and his Crew require to keep running a smooth and safe operation.

    As for Norsta Ship supply, we are always happy to assist asset owners, and management companies to make operation as hassle-free as possible. Whether we provide for nutritious food and beverage with our provision service. Or provide for consumables and technical needs relating to operation and maintenance. Even onboard outfitting equipment we have covered. What we don’t have we will source, upon timely notice.

    We know the ship needs to follow its commercial course without too many delays. As well as keeping the ship and outfittings with structural integrity and in compliance with a vast demand for regulatory requirements. It is always preferable to be contacted in good time before delivery, to plan for commercial processes and logistics that go into a chandlery project.

    On-demand port-calls

    For provision needs, we deliver at the moment to ports of Norway, Chile, and Singapore. For technical requirements, we deliver to larger parts of the world. If you have requirements at any port in the world, we can source and deliver stores to most ports, on-demand.

    We will take the opportunity to thank our dear partners, suppliers, Agents, and transport companies for a good job delivered. We thank our client for the assignment, and wish the ship Bon Voyage on its journey, and welcome to serve the fleet at any port.

    We welcome asset owners, ship management companies, operators, and Ship Agents to contact us when they need ship supply of any sort! Call us at +47 92253016 or mail us at for more information, or visit our webpage 

    We stand-by, ready to assist your needs!

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