Ship Chandler project of provisions supply, delivered to port of Fredrikstad, Norway

  • Ship Chandler project of provisions supply, delivered to port of Fredrikstad, Norway

    Ship Chandler project of provisions supply, delivered to port of Fredrikstad, Norway

    Norsta Ship Supply

    – Norsta Ship Supply, is a Norwegian based service company to the Marine, Offshore, and Energy sectors. The company offers a wide spectrum of marine services, such as chandlery, aftermarket, outfitting, rental, logistics, trading, and advisory.

    Port service at the port of Fredrikstad.

    — We are pleased to announce to have made a ship chandler delivery to a merchant ship and bulker at the Norwegian port of Fredrikstad. This chandlery project was made to a Greek asset owner, and operator, based in Athens, Greece — as a returning client.

    The ship supply at Fredrikstad, consisted of provisions store, and some consumables, to galley and cabin. The supply was carried out according to the plan, even though the inquiry came in a short time before delivery had to be made.

    Norsta Ship Supply has a wide portfolio of partners and suppliers to assist them throughout the coast and ports of Norway, as well as international suppliers and deliveries. In this case, as in general, our partners reacted with prompt service and did tremendous good work.

    The client’s vessel is a three-year-old and China-built, named “M/V Mykonos Dawn”. She is 181m x 30m, and 37880DWT state-of-the-art, bulk carrier. In the owner’s fleet, she is one out of four modern bulk vessels.

    The ship is Marshall Islands-flagged, with her home port namely at Majuro island. Her last port was per 17th of October at the port of Santana, Brazil where she most likely charged bulk cargo. Whereas twenty days later, she called for the port of Fredrikstad, Norway. She becomes now the second vessel in the fleet, served by Norsta Ship Supply.

    The service we assist with is not only provisions. As a one-stop-shop, we also deliver all the rest of the ship store types, that our client typically needs. Such as marine spares, maintenance parts, consumables, chemicals, engine, galley, deck, cabin, bridge, to name some.

    We supply to vessels moored at sea or at the port. Related to charging or discharging, crew change, oil, and fuel bunkering, at yard stays, or repair and maintenance projects, etc. Our logistics operations make sure we get deliveries done at the time and budget, as agreed with the client.

    As a new player in the segment of port services, we are humbled to have gained such an amount of trust in the marketplace. To already have established good working relationships with ship owners, operators, ship agents, and technical management companies. Our integrity and capability have gained us returning business — Such would suggest we add value and services to our clients and meet their expectations on a continuous basis.

    On-demand port-calls

    For provision needs, we deliver at the moment to ports of Norway, Chile, and Singapore. For technical requirements, we deliver to larger parts of the world. If you have requirements at any port in the world, we can source and deliver, on-demand. Or we can enter into frame or fleet agreement for ongoing needs, to improve costs and administration.

    We will take the opportunity to thank our dear partners, suppliers, Agents, and transport companies for a good job delivered. We thank our client for the assignment, and wish the ship Bon Voyage on its journey, and welcome to serve the fleet at any port.

    We welcome asset owners, ship management companies, operators, and Ship Agents to contact us when they need ship supply of any sort! Call us at +47 92253016 or mail us at for more information, or visit our webpage 

    We stand-by, ready to assist your needs!

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    Best regards,

    Your Norsta Ship Supply Team


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