Norsta AS. org. no. 917 599 882 MVA, (trading as Norsta Ship Supply), provide the following Terms and Conditions (T&C's) per link hereunder, for its sales and purchase of products and service. We advise you to download and read them thoroughly, prior to any transactions. Our Partners and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) have in some cases their own T&C's. Rental equipment has project-based T&C's. 

These T&C's below shall apply to all our commercial transactions unless otherwise is agreed to in writing between the Parties.


T&C linked docs. in ENGLISH

Sales Conditions & Purchase Conditions

T&C linked docs. in NORWEGIAN

Salgsbetingelser & Innkjøpsbetingelser

Sales Conditions 20.rev. 2.4
Purchase Condition 20.rev.2.1
Salgsbetingelser 20. rev. 2.3
Innkjøpsbetingelser 20 rev1.1