Need higher uptime? We provide high-quality spare parts throughout the products life cycle. We work closely together with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Evidence suggests there is a beneficial economy in having control of your maintenance schedules.  To add to that — can you or your clients afford the consequences of not being in control?

We identify specific spare part requirements in accordance with original build specifications, maintenance guidelines, operational input, and recommendations, through OEM collaboration. As an information savvy company, we like to share our resources and knowledge base for our clients to solve their problems.

We provide standardize European or Asian made Marine spares, both original/genuine parts, and non-original parts/ alternative spares. We can also source internationally for a specific part speck, or have an item made-to-order in accordance with requirements. We care for our client's equipment and its operation, to run smoothly with high regularity, and we are a strong believer in maintenance planning.

We can have almost any components made to order with an impressive machine park and skillful operators. If you need to create calculations, designs & engineering we handle that too. 

We keep developing and build a strong position in the market with our strategic alliances, for being able to deliver continuous value to our clients. Our comprehensive knowledge in the Offshore and Maritime industry makes us a preferable choice to partner up with once you need a reliable supplier for your aftermarket needs.

Service objectives:

  • Spare part advisory fit to purpose
  • We work to reduce operational costs
  • We suggests cost efficient solutions
  • Improve operation performance
  • Documented client track record
  • Spare part documentation & white papers
  • Benchmark you spendings

Customized services & solutions


  • Spare Analysis

    Spare Analysis

    We examine your spare part requirements to understand how we can make a detailed offering to give you value and cost savings.

  • Implementation


    Implementation phase of getting your spares from productions and the warehouse to site for installation, commissioning and testing.

  • Worldwide freight service

    Worldwide freight service

    Our integrated logistic service enables us to provide clients with end-to-end solutions making the whole operation safe and efficient.

  • Detailed Planning

    Detailed Planning

    Once understanding your business needs we can assist in facilitating planning spare part economy and maintenance schedules.

  • From small parcels to large 20-40' containers

    From small parcels to large 20-40' containers

    Packets, pallets, FCL or LCL? Let us handle your logistics too, in order to get your shipment to where you want it, and at the right time.


Being comfortable with the decision you made today, means not having to worry about what happens tomorrow.

We will listen to understand your operation and equipment. We assist in risk assessments and contingency planning. Through prognosis and OEM recommendations, we assist in predict maintenance needs and replacement schedules for your critical parts. 

We assist in creating in-stock part-plans, to plan redundancy and to shorten lead -time in planning change intervals. As we aim to be a preferable partner, we continue to focus on enhancing the quality of our products and customer service.

Some of our value-added services:
  • Tailor made and timely spare part programs fitted to your specific needs
  • Verification of OEM components and spare parts to avoid failure of void parts
  • Working with OEM to define and write operation equipment procedures
  • Working with OEM to identify or customize maintenance procedures/ handbooks.
  • Claims support regarding Warranty, Guaranty and Claims Management with OEM's
  • Spare parts sourcing worldwide through our International Trade Dept.
Spare Parts Maintenance service-min

Let us assist you with your spare part needs.

We at Norsta Ship Supply are eager to support your need for spares. Contact us to discuss your requirements.