We provide on-demand rental and lease solutions tailored to fit your needs. From planning and implementation to maintenance support.

Together with our partners, we are currently establishing a portfolio for a rental pool of equipment and systems. Subject to availability for some of the systems, we can mobilize rental equipment to most geographical locations worldwide. 

Service objectives:

  • Creating flexibility and value to our clients
  • Robust equipments and strong infrastructure
  • Regulatory complience and Quality control
  • Operation & Maitenance Support


  • Detailed Planning

    Detailed Planning

    We support with the planning of installation, integration, Interfaces, and configurations to determine a fit-to-purpose system. Helping your project run as smooth as possible.

  • Transportation


    We support and facilitate logistics and the best transport routes available. Helping mobilize rental equipment for commissioning and testing on-site.

  • Implementation


    We support your projects with implementation, commissioning and de-commissioning with OEM support, to ensure risk assessment and quality control is done properly.

  • Quality control and monitoring

    Quality control and monitoring

    With OEM support we facilitate to make sure operation is run smoothly with proper maintenance, control and monitoring necessary per manufacturer recommendations.


Do you find flexibility attractive? We believe the rental business-model offers a lean value proposition to our clients. It suggests flexibility and cost optimization, with low operational costs in and between projects. We offer on-demand, fit-to-purpose, plug-and-play systems. Upon scheduled mobilization, and well-completed commissioning and implementation phase, we offer attractive rental plans to our clients.

  • Say goodbye to investment, asset integrity, maintenance and security management
  • Lower asset and operational risk with supported operation and management program
  • Greater scalability and flexibility fitted to project capacity and need for scaling rental supply
  • Time and cost saving labour for internal planning, implementation and operation of equipment
  • We help you with mobilization and transportation. Most shipments is conducted in standard containers
  • We assist with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommended equipment maintenenace
  • We assist with planning and implementing integration, interfaces, installation, MC and FAT
  • Increased cash flow and better cost control in and between projects
  • You are one contact away from our first-class service to assist your rental operation


We are currently establishing a rental pool

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The Barge Master Motion Compensated Crane enables controlled lifting operations with a high crane capacity, making it possible to work at sea almost year-round. It has proven to increase workability in the North Sea from 180 to 330 days. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS SYSTEM.

Barge Master Crane
Barge Master T 700
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BARGE MASTER T-700 Platform

The Barge Master Platform (BM-T700) can be installed on any vessel to serve as a motion compensated working base. Equipment such as cranes, excavators, and drilling configurations can be placed on the platform to eliminate the effect of vessel motions, making it possible to operate the machinery with the same precision as onshore. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS SYSTEM.

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Barge Master’s fully motion compensated Next Generation Gangway provides continuous access to an offshore structure. This motion compensated gangway ensures safe and efficient transfer of crew irrespective of weather conditions. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS SYSTEM.

Barge Master Gangway

Rental equipment

Do you have a rental need? Let us know how we may serve you. Or are you an OEM/distributor, wanting to partner up with us for rental? If you need a quote or want to ask questions, we would like to hear from you. Please send us an inquiry!