Norsta Ship Supply provides a variety of outfitting systems. We work closely with manufacturers (OEM) and Principals, supporting the market with outfitting equipment, systems, tools and kits to the Marine and Offshore industries.

As an OEM partner, it is important to understand that we are not a cost-added link to the market. Quite the contrary, we add value being the OEM's extended service arm for both investments CAPEX and the operational side OPEX. We team up with clients to identify their needs, and serving them after the purchase and throughout the product life-cycle. 

We make a long term commitment, providing new-sales and after-sales services to our clients. We are a safe choice of procurement, operation, and life-cycle management with a short way to action, and a long term in relations.


  • Complete turn-key systems fitted to your needs
  • Modules and building kits, containerized, fcl or lcl
  • Engineering, design, fabrication, FMECA, MC and FAT
  • Pre-qualified robust and high-quality systems
  • Integrated or stand-alone systems, rental or sale
  • Fit to purpose, standard or custom-built, your choice
Life boat-min

We offer a selected portfolio of well-trusted brands, which we consider will give substantial value to our clients, projects and their operations. 




With our strategic partners, we offer project kits, modular, and turn-key solutions to newbuilds and retrofitting of ships, rigs, and offshore installations. 

Barge Master
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We are Agents for Barge Master B.V. Netherlands. Barge Master was founded on the determination to conquer weather downtime. As ‘downtime doctors’. Barge Master is dedicated to increasing workability at sea with innovative and practical solutions. We deliver motion compensated 3D systems for our BM T-40 crane, BM T-700 platform, BM Gangway, and other special purpose systems.

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The Barge Master Motion Compensated Crane enables controlled lifting operations with a high crane capacity, making it possible to work at sea almost year-round. It has proven to increase workability in the North Sea from 180 to 330 days. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS SYSTEM.

Barge Master Crane
Barge Master T 700
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BARGE MASTER T-700 Platform

The Barge Master Platform (BM-T700) can be installed on any vessel to serve as a motion compensated working base. Equipment such as cranes, excavators, and drilling configurations can be placed on the platform to eliminate the effect of vessel motions, making it possible to operate the machinery with the same precision as onshore. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS SYSTEM.

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Barge Master’s fully motion compensated Next Generation Gangway provides continuous access to any offshore structure. This motion compensated gangway ensures safe and efficient transfer of crew irrespective of weather conditions. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS SYSTEM.

Barge Master Gangway
Normar lifeboat
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We supply a good range of totally enclosed lifeboats be it gravity lowered or free fall type. All our lifeboats are manufactured according to the latest IMO and SOLAS regulations. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS PRODUCT.

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We supply fast rescue boat from 6 persons to 15 persons. Both outboard motor powered or waterjet. All our fast rescue boats will come with a matching launching system. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS PRODUCT.

Normar resque boat


Steel and aluminium with support structure and pancake

Helideck/ Helipad landing area

We offer a full scope of supply for Helideck packages, with pancake, and support structures in steel and aluminium for ships, rigs, and roof-tops design.

The HD will be designed with structural and weight calculation criteria for the type of helicopter(s) in question, its payload, and its application. We offer a full scope of services and deliveries for engineering, fabrication, installation packages, and shipping included. Containerized packages, modular assembly packages, transport general arrangement "as is", or fully turn-key HD projects including construction/installation and commissioning at the site.

Compliance with specifications and regulations

Our products are compliant to Civil Aviation Requirements, the area of legislation, the latest Civil Air Publication (CAP) 437 edition, SOLAS, relevant standards, codes, client's class society and third party approvals preference, such as; DNV GL, ABS, Lloyd’s, etc. We provide a fully compliant scope of supply to technical specifications, calculations, and design report. From a LOI/NDA stage, we provide a full documentation package with an upfront technical Agreement (TA). Design approval submitted to class and client before fabrication/ commercial purchase agreement. 

Helideck equipment

Deliveries including mandatory and optional elements, portable and integrated acc. to technical specification. Examples are; access and escape systems, heat-tracing systems for winterization, Tie-down points, safety net, drain gutter & piping systems, landing-net, perimeter-net. Helicopter refueling systems, Helicopter. Safety systems; Safety systems, crash & rescue kit, PPE & PRE equipment. Firefighting; firewater distribution by pop-up nozzles/ DIFFS/ Deluge systems. Handheld fire extinguisher and water hoses. Electrical equipment and cable systems, LCP & MCP control systems, CCTV Camera, VHF Communication system, NDB Transmitter. Navigation support and visual aids; CAP 437 ex-proof LED light package, incl. Circle-H, floodlights, perimeter lights, navigation marking acc. to international standards. Illuminated wind socket. Approach Path Indicator system (HAPI), Glide Path Indicator (GPI). Aftermarket service, spare part packages, a valid FAT test, and audit report.

Frictape 5 Netlights-min

We offer the well trusted brand Frictape Circle & H Netlight. A groundbreaking solution for Circle & H lighting. It is a simple and low-cost Circle & H lighting solution, the standard-complying approach offers operational flexibility beyond any other system on the market: Light modules can be integrated to the landing net (no need to drill holes to the helideck). Contact us for more information. 

We offer Frictape Helideck Landing Net. A global market leader in helideck safety nets. Its unique, innovative materials and balanced, low-profile structure ensure that helicopters and personnel can always enjoy safe and hassle-free operations on any landing deck where total safety is needed. Contact us for more information.

Frictape safety net 1-min
Frictape Safety net -min

We offer Frictape Perimeter Net Market leader for safety and smooth operations for all personnel operating on deck. The nets are uniquely designed and custom-built for your helideck, providing standard-exceeding strength, reliable functionality and lowest lifetime costs in the industry. Contact us for more information. 

Other services


Our Import and export department facilitate trade with 24/7 international delivery. As international Trade specialists, we assess client projects based on the intended outcome.

We assist in creating in-stock part-plans, to plan redundancy and to shorten lead time. As we aim to be a preferable partner, we continue to focus on enhancing quality.

We provide rental systems to the Marine and Offshore sector. We can mobilize rental equipment to most geographical locations worldwide. We are currently building up a rental pool.

Outfitting equipment for your fabrication, retrofitting or operation!

We provide new-sale and after-sale services to our clients. We are your safe choice whether it is for sourcing, procurement, operation, MMO projects, and life-cycle support, we take care of it all. Contact us for a request or quote!