Consulting Advisory Service


We offer consultancy service, to be able to respond to our client's objectives and to understand their real needs better. We consult within the business areas of Offshore - Oil & Gas and the Marine industry. We handle inquiries that support our business areas for; Chandlery, Outfittings, Aftermarket, Rental, Logistics and Trading services.

Maybe you have a special need, or the need isn't defined just yet. Anyhow —  we can assist with identifying and implementing a solution, that meets your company's requirements. With our pool of commercial and technical multidisciplinary advisory team, we assist in finding an optimal solution for you. Our experience and vast resources may be of real value to the outcome of your project or your operation. 

We hope to add substantial value to your organization, based on your unique input and acceptance criteria. If we can't help you, we'll tell you so, on a "no cure no pay basis". What is there to lose! We welcome you to contact us!


A customized solution that fit your segment!

We offer our services to the Maritime, Offshore, Oil & Gas, the renewables and onshore-fabrication industries. We cover market segments that are spread throughout the value chain and life-cycle. Our target market is vast and lies within asset owners, operators, technical management, construction, fabrication, facility service, installation, commissioning, decommissioning, intervention, maintenance, modification, operation, bulk shipping, liner shipping, and specialized shipping, to name some segments.


  • Assist with problem solving and solution findings
  • Focus on customer service, follow-ups and life-cycle-management
  • Listen to understand what our clients perceived value & real needs are
  • Providing clients with high-quality & real-value Products & Services
  • Do our utmost to deliver on-time, on-budget and according to requirements

Providing advisory service that adds value to your project.

Want to explore opportunities with us? We are here to make you become better. We are eager to help you solve problems and make you reach your goals. Feel free to contact us!