We've got the stores you need for Cabin — Deck — Engine — Provisions

As a general chandler, we deliver service and supplies to rig, vessels, yards and port operations around the clock. From our ship stores, we supply provisions store, galley store, and non-food articles, like deck store, chest, slop, safety store, security store, maintenance store, such as spares, and consumables.

We have strategic alliances and strong distribution network with service partners, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Representing a pool of selected companies and brands.  Our trading Dept. source requested products and items internationally. For tailored needs — we provide customized set-up that suits most needs.

On the technical side, we assist throughout the product lifecycle and lifetime extension projects with asset integrity services. From planning, design, and engineering, to the execution of sourcing & procurement, construction and fabrication phase.

Our value-added service scope includes Maintenance, Modification, and Operation (MMO) service and supplies. As well as supportive logistic services such as warehousing, storage, and freight. 

We hold a straight course to be a sturdy, and long-term supplier to each client we serve. We are most certainly a one-stop-shop in our area, focused to help our clients becoming better and doing more, in less time — while minimizing their overall risk and cost. 


We cover all types of vessel segments and rigs — drilling and accommodation.

  • Floating rigs, jack-ups, drilling vessel type rigs, fixed installations
  • Offshore service, supply & support vessels; PSV, OSV, SOV, W2W, AHT, AHTS etc.
  • Merchants vessels, dry cargo, bulk, container-lines, subsea, deep-sea tankers, FPSO
  • Navy, coast guard, cruise, fishing vessels, ferries and passenger vessels
  • Operators, Yards, Industry, and fabrication facilities, systems integrators,
  • New builds, retrofits, and MMO projects
  • Terminals, Ports and Harbors, Safety products and operating projects
Shipchandler chandlery

We are an ISPS certified company, to enter ports and ships at terminals in our region. 


We offer a wide pool of technical supplies and solutions with national and international distributors and original manufacturers. We can deliver most categories for consumables, wear and tear parts and components that you can find aboard a ship, yard or offshore installation. We provide clients with well certified and documented products. What we can't find in-stock, we can source with technical precision, in accordance with specifications, commercial acceptance, and requirements. Through our Aftermarket, we have partnered up with strategic alliances for engineering and fabrication with a large and top-notch machinery park. If you have any procurement needs for ongoing operation deliveries, let us know. For project/ maintenance, such as project-based consumables, spares, components, equipment, materials, build-to-order items or other, please feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to assist you!

Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and digital systems.
Testing tools
Maintenance products and spares for deck store
Maintenance products and spares for galley store
Maintenance products and spares for cabin store
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Lubricants/ greases, oil, synthetics
Air Compressor Oil
Cylinder Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Gear Oil Engine
Oil Lubricants, and Synthetics
Greases Wire Rope Lubricants
Marine Paints
Painting tools
Surface treatments
Corrosion treatments
Ethylene Glycol, antifreeze coolant
Calcium Hypochlorite Granulate
Sodium thiosulphate
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
Evaporator Defoamer
Maxi-Vap Plus
Potable Water Stabiliser
Potable Water Stabiliser Liquid
RO Alkaline Cleaner
RO Mild Acid Cleaner
RO Scale Control
RO Surfactant Cleaner
RO Bisulphite
Reagent kit, total chlorine, indicator, Drinking water disinfection
hand-held pH meter
Bunker Sampler 3-10 Inches
Insolubles test kit
Saltwater determination test
Bacteria single test
The catalytic fines test kit
The cold corrosion test kit
Oil compatibility test kit
Density meter
Easyship combined test kit
Easy ship water test kit
Ferrous Wear Meter
Heated viscosity meter
TBN test kit
Sulfur oil analyzer
Chloride tablets, etc.
Lubricant, lub oil testing
Fuel oil test cabinet
FuelPower AshFree
FuelPower Catalyst
FuelPower Conditioner
FuelPower Demulsifier
FuelPower Soot Remover
FuelPower Soot Remover Liquid Plus
diesel power Biocontrol
diesel power CFPP
Diesel Power Enhancer
Diesel Power Lubricity
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Laundry Supplies
Equipment for cabins, public areas, and galley Spares
Medical and Hospital
Interior fittings
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Cleaning is essential to efficient operation and our products are approved and comes with documentation.
Interior cleaning products
General cleaning products of crew and galley areas, floor, wall, and ceilings
Mechanical and electrical cleaning tools
Engine room and oil spill cleaning
Exterior cleaning products
Deck absorbers
Consumables, deicing salt for antifreeze/anti-frost etc.
Non-hazardous substances and are fully compliant with MARPOL V regulations
Corrosive treatment products
scrubbing and rinsing products
Tank and cargo hold cleaning
Biotechnological products
Deck woods and PVC cleaning
Maintenance cleaning
UNITOR Cleaning chemicals:
Gamazyme 700FN
Gamazyme BOE
Gamazyme BTC
Gamazyme Digestor
Gamazym DPC
Gamazyme FC
Gamazym MSC
Gamazym Toilet Descaler
Easyclean accommodation pack
Easyclean products etc.
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Aluminised protective coating
Polymeric rust converter
Cleaner, degreaser, and etcher for metal surfaces
Acid Descalers
Cold galvanizing coating
Rust encapsulator, primer, and top coat
Temporary protective coating for metal surfaces
Stainless steel coating
Rust remover gel for metals
Industrial Degreasers
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Technical store
Tools, power, battery, pneumatic, and hydraulic
Hand tools
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Materials of Steel, Aluminium, Plastic, Rubber or Bespoke Materials
Brackets and accessories
Cables and wires
Corrosive resistant, high-grade and bespoke materials
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: 922 53 016.

Motion compensated crane
Motion compensated gangway
Motion compensated equipment platform
Helideck, complete with pancake and support structure in alu or steel
Helideck equipment and accessories
Marine and Offshore Hatches
Rotating Oiltight Hatch Covers
Marine Engine Room Skylights
Marine Side Scuttle
Marine Gas Tight Door
Aluminum Cabin Hollow Door
Wheelhouse Sliding Door
Electro-Hydraulic Watertight Sliding Door
Hydraulic Watertight Hinged Door
Marine Fire Door
Marine Weathertight Doors
A60 Watertight Steel Door
Outfittings on request from various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: 922 53 016.

Full range of marine & offshore explosion-proof general or specific lighting solutions
Interior light systems & fixtures
Helideck light systems acc. to CAP 437
Circle & H
Perimeter lights
Navigation lighting
Deck light
Obstruction light

Fast rescue boats
Liferafts (throw overboard)
Liferafts (davit launched)
Davits & hooks)
Solas lifejacket lights
Solas liferaft light
Signal flags
Boat accessories
Lights & torches

Total scope of ship pharmacy supply

Medical and clinic equipment for life-saving, surgery, or medical control products
Non-prescription medicines
Gastrointestinal drugs
Pain, fever, and colds drugs
Nutritional supplements and nutrition
Pharmaceutical aids
Injection and infusion equipment
Band-aid, bandage/ gauze
Intimate care
Disinfection equipment
Dosing equipment
First aid equipment
Defibrillator (AED)

Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Personal Protective Equipment
Protective Clothing: Jackets, jacket hooded winter, Helmet, safety shoes, boots, safety hand gloves, wool gloves, leather gloves, vinyl, nylon work gloves, protection goggles, ear muff/plug
Chemical suit, welding shield, safety face masks, life jackets, immersion suits, anti-explosive suits, long john, trousers winter, winter wool protection clothes, winter caps, full face knit, parkas, disposable boilersuit, dust masks, etc.
Evacuation systems, slide, and clime systems, evacuations personal protection gear
Personal Respiratory Equipment, PAPR (Powered air-purifying respirator) SAR (Supplied air-respirator)
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Main engine, auxiliary engine electrical supplies
Marine diesel engine, electrical and mechanical equipment and spare parts
2 stroke and 4 stroke engine for M/E or A/E equipment and spare parts: MAN, DAIHATSU, YANMAR, CUMMINS, Mak, Caterpillar, etc.
Turbocharger: MAN, ABB, IHI etc.
Generator/ AUX engine
Air compressor, compressor power generators
Valves and filtering systems
Flange, gasket, bearing, bolts, bush, clamp, connecting rod
Pumps, and pump parts, high-pressure oil pump
Nozzle, nuts, o-ring, piston, piston pin bushing, spring, thermometer
Purifier parts, rocker arm, sensor, inlet valve, lubricator
Spares pipes and tubes pumps
Pneumatic equipment
Sealants, gaskets, and glands tools
Various brands and product categories
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Docking and mooring solutions
Mooring Chains
Mooring Ropes
Mooring Wires
Rubber Fenders
Foam Fenders
Pneumatic fenders
Tug Fenders
Fender Accessories
Anchor Pendant Buoys
General Surface Buoys
Cable Marker Buoys
Mooring Buoys
Offshore Support Buoyancy
Steel Structure Fso Mooring Buoy
Rope Slings
Fiber Slings
Wire Slings
Accessories, fasteners, and fittings
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Lifting equipment for hoisting, loading, lashing and securing
Lifting spreaders in different sizes
Mechanical hoisting and lifting equipment
Electrical lift and hoist machines
Fasteners, fittings. and load securing for lifting operation
Shackles, chains, lashing chains, lifting points, eye bolts, eye nuts
Chain rigging, container chains, mooring chains, webbing lashing
Twistlock, manual, and semi-auto twistlocks
Dee Shackle, bow shackle, H-Shackle
Steel wire in various executions
Wire rope, wire rope slings, fiber rope slings, rope slings, wire mesh slings, wire rope terminations, wire rope accessories, chain & chain fittings
Lifting hardware, hoists, clamps, blocks & sheaves
Soft-lifting equipment
Fall protection, cargo control, slings in various sizes, band straps, cargo lashings
Round Slings, fiber Rope
Lift Engineering and calculations, lift/load testing and lift certifications
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Hydraulic/ air/ torque tools
Cargo securing
Safety gear
Protection equipment
Testing equipment
Water bags for load-testing
Accessories, fasteners, and fittings
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Pallets, wood, plastic, steel, and aluminium for special cargo
Racks, bags, cargo securing
Tool boxes, storage boxes
Containers, small to large
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Deck Equipment
Rigging and deck store
Production/ Processing equipment
Built to order components and systems
Electrical and digital instrumentations and equipment
Grating, Matting, and Walkway
Marine Accommodation Ladder
Pilot Ladder
Marine Aluminum Shore Gangway
Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Rescue and firefighting equipment
Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System
Deluge System
Water Sprinkler System
Helideck Foam Monitor System
Helideck DIFFS System
Low Expansion Foam Fire Extinguishing System
High Expansion Fire Extinguishing System
Water Curtain System
Water Mist System
Galley Wet Chemical System
Dual Agent System
Dry Chemical Powder System
Fire extinguishers and accessories
Foam applicators
Firehose nozzles
Couplings and adaptors
Fire hoses
Container fire fighting systems
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Calibration instruments
Testing tools
Nautical and Navigational Aids
Bridge Equipment and Marine instrumentations
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Nautical, operational or aftermarket support information
OEM/ Supplier information, IMO, SOLAS, Class etc.
Electronic navigational chart (ENC)
Electronic downloadable information, and Paper pilot maps
Marine publications
Safety and security
Regulations and codes
Specific purpose intelligence and generic publications
OEM documentation, instructions, and operation manuals
Installation, overhaul, maintenance, and operation procedures
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.

Inc & Toners
Copy paper
Paper products
Folders and filing
Clips and fasteners
Tape and adhesives
Storing and organizing
Desk organizers
Copy machines
PC's and computer bags
Computer accessories
Office digital and electrical equipment
Backpacks and suitcases

Various brands and product categories.
Contact us for details. or tel: +47 922 53 016.


For the non-technical store, we offer a large selection of fresh, frozen and dry provisions of food and beverage, dairy products, slop-chest, etc. totally with over 100.000. products to chose from. We supply many categories for the cabin, crew products and for the main areas, main deck, mezzanine deck, and superstructure, below deck, bridge, galley store, deck store, chest, slop, safety store, security store, maintenance of crew areas, cabin supplies, consumables, stationery, storage, and production equipment, accessories, personal hygiene, medicine, chemicals, cleaning, soap, catering, clothing, bedding, laundry, and sundry.



We represent over 1000 suppliers, 500 quality brands, 30.000 different products for food and beverage assortment. All in accordance with strict food processing, storing, transportation and handling control and regulations.

In addition, we provide non-food items such as consumables, cleaning chemicals, cabin, pantry, storage, production, and office supplies etc.  

We ship products to your door or vessel, whenever you need it, fresh, canned, frozen, mixed, small or large quantum so you can trust delivery will come where you want it delivered. Let us hear from you, and what supplies you need, we will be happy to quote you with swift service and pleasant prices. 


Our food and beverage scope

  • 30.000 + products
  • 1000 + suppliers
  • 500 + brands
Mat Proviant Servicegrossistene


Free up time and concerns — with less loose ends to follow-up on. We consolidate products and services, bundled to your unique configuration. As a single-point-of-contact —  so you can have peace of mind and focus on other things. Let's partner up to provide you with an "ocean of service" so you achieve more, in less time. 

Our chandlery service offers a wide assortment of products that go into an asset's daily operation.  


  • Robust pre-qualified products and services
  • An ocean of service - single-point-of-contact
  • We deliver «off-the-shelf» or «built-to-order» items
  • Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures
  • Fleet & cost optimization, procurement synergies
  • Living up to highest industry standards
  • Competitive prices, with efficient logistics, end-to-end

Special requirements?

Either you know exactly what you need — or, you just have a weak clue. We will assist you to find a product, a solution or a service that suit your specific needs. To your requirements, delivery-time and budget. It might be off-the-shelf, a service configuration, or we need to have it designed, engineered and fabricated. Trust us to solve it!

This is what we do — solving problems, and finding the right solution is in our nature. So let us serve you! We deliver as promised.

Provision ship marine spare parts

Providing first-class Chandler Service

Our vast supplier portfolio makes us a good partner for sourcing and procurement — Hassle free. We deliver chandler service and supplies to rig and vessel operations around the clock. Contact us for a quote and we will be happy to assist you!



  • Maritime


  • Offshore


  • Subsea


  • Heavy Industry

    Heavy Industry

  • Energy


— Welcome, we are Norsta Ship Supply, an integrated service company, but also so much more than that.

We offer fast, accurate and reliable delivery, professional service and a whole range of products and solutions to fit your specific needs. We are awaiting your call or inquiry and we will do our utmost to fulfill your requirements.

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— Chandlery and Maintenance supplies to the Maritime and Offshore industries.

We offer our clients value-added solutions, with time and cost saving services for «off-the-shelf» or «built-to-order» products and solutions from a single-point-of-contact. Operating through industries such as Maritime, Offshore, Subsea, Energy, Heavy Industry with most segments in-between.

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— We welcome you to contact us to explore and challenge us to how we may be of service to you.

Problem-solving is something that has brought us to where we are today and is what we like to do for you. We are happy to serve you!

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