We provide a range of services orders for parts to planned and corrective maintenance. We deliver engineering service for repairs, fabrications, and overhauls for components and spare parts. We fabricate components like piston rods, cylinders, valves, parts for hydraulic motors etc.

We assist client projects with maintenance programs as well as standardized or build-to-order spares and components. Our servitization towards the market is all about adding relevant value and trying to look at new ways of innovating.

"We are servitising our offerings — adding integrated services and solutions to our product offerings".

We suggest that companies with a large installed base and fleet of vessels can demonstrate significant savings on maintenance management. By tapping further into asset life cycle management (LCM), and asset integrity management (AIM) and increase lifetime, while optimizing performance. Keeping tidy control of, and inspecting assets while analyzing cause & effects, where some of the benefits are; unique item control by ID tagging and easy tracking. Optimize spares utilization plans, releasing cost-optimization synergies, dig into whitepapers and OEM guidelines. Performing maintenance budgeting on trending and forecasting. Support with maintenance planning to streamline spare part procurement and scheduling change plans etc. These parameters are some of what we try to understand in-depth. 

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Maintenance spare parts ship service

Planning for redundancy and uptime-solutions?

Whether predictive, planned or corrective maintenance schedule, operators need a solid maintenance plan, a redundancy system. The right spares at the right time, and to the right location. We can assist with planning and maintenance schedules, documentation and specifications, sourcing, procurement, and logistics — with pre-qualified suppliers to make that happen!

Working closely, we can tailor your needs for operational and scheduled parts along with manufacturer recommended change intervals, change procedures, as well as on-board safety spares. Such to prevent downtime from becoming more than what it needs to be. 

As part of our aftermarket offerings on the OPEX side, we support with claims management, for complaints, warranties & guarantee issues relating to OEM service contracts and insurance procedures. 

We want to understand your needs and assist your operation to run smoothly!

Maintenance, Modifications, and Operation (MMO)

Norsta Ship Supply assist clients with newbuilds, MMO projects and preservation for parts, and the preservation for warm and cold stacked outfitting equipment or on larger assets. We can quote standard or bespoke materials, components, parts, or equipment needed for most types of projects. Our portfolio of product offerings spans from smaller spares and components to larger mechanical units, assembly kits and turnkey projects. Contact us to challenge us how we may assist with your project needs.

We assist you with the fabrication of components

We deliver build to order project with fabricated components, to replace any spare parts, or to construct any mechanical arrangement. We can deliver most types of components and spare parts in accordance with client needs. We deliver materials in case hardening steel grades and bespoke steel alloys. We offer a comprehensive processing service, including cutting, machining, turning, milling, and assembly with fasteners or by welding, to your companies requirements or specifications. Get in touch with us to discuss your project with us. 

  • Operational maintenance preventive and corrective needs

  • Spares, components, parts, items, kits, hardware

  • Maintenance programs, repair and overhauls

  • Conversion, retrofit, modifications, MMO

  • Newbuilds, construction/ fabrication

  • Fasteners, tools, equipment, fittings














Need quality spares to your operation — We deliver spares, components, part, items and fasteners that go into marine & offshore maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Contact us for a quote.

We bring your shipment safely to worldwide hubs, with our great logistics services. We move goods from and to our clients per parcels, pallets with and containerized freight.

We provide a full assortment of chandler items from raw materials to commoditized finished goods, to support your daily operation. We deliver prompt and to competitive prices.

We provide an aftermarket service you can count on!

We supply the spares, tools, and equipment for predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance supplies. Contact us for a quote!