Welcome to Norsta Ship Supply.

— We are a young and dynamic integrated B2B, service-organization. We provide a range of supplies and solutions to the Maritime and Offshore sectors. Serving vessels at all segments, as well as floating and fixed offshore installations.

We are an innovative supplier to ship and offshore industries. We provide service and marine supplies to ships, rigs, yards, and ports. We deliver to all the seven seas around the world, with focus on Norway, Chile and Singapore.

Located at the heart of Norway's maritime cluster, the city of Haugesund. Overlooking Norway's oldest Viking fairway, as well as the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). Haugesund is situated nearby Karmsund Harbour. Stavanger in the South, and Bergen in the North. From its location, we cover Norway's West coast maritime traffic.  

What we bring to the table is a value-added proposition. We suggest time and cost-saving solutions for ongoing operations or project-based needs.  We deliver «off-the-helf» or «built-to-order» products or service configurations — As such, from a single-point-of-contact. What we want, is to address solutions to asset-owners and operators, by working closely to enhance our value proposition. We bring about an openness to understand what our client's real needs are.

We try to find values around what the market currently is driven by. We want to challenge our market segments to meet us on quality, diversity, consolidated value and on the commercial side. We do our best to promote this result with all means possible. In such to earn trust and returning business, one client and one project at the time. 

With the provision of product-servitization — our strategy is to provide long term cost optimization and create value by adding service to products. In some cases, to replace a product with a service. Our team is solution oriented and hands-on, and we deliver to where our clients are located. We offer high service, competitive prices, with high-quality products and efficient logistics.

Above local knowledge, we got a global reach with international trading, sourcing, procurement, and logistics operation. Our Office in the Singapore hub, assist clients in-and-out of Asia Pacific.

We have years of experience in the Maritime and Offshore industries working with ships, rigs, and yards. Collaborating with clients and partners in and around Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Norsta Ship Supply work in compliance with ISO-9001:2008, and carries the diplomas "Maintenance Specialist" and "International Trade Specialist".  

We made technical management simpler with rapid service for disciplines like ship and rig managers, asset integrity, and technical superintendents, ship agents, master's, procurement, fabrication, project planning, operation, maintenance and HSEQ personnel — and others, maybe just like you!

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Floating rigs, Semisubmersibles, Jack-ups, Drilling rigs/vessels, Barge rigs, Fixed rigs/installations, Accommodation rigs, and flotels.

Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS), Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), Subsea Construction Vessel / Construction Support Vessel (CSV) Dive Support Vessel (DSV), Well Intervention Vessel, Offshore Support Vessel (OSV), Service Operations Vessel (SOV), Walk to Work Vessels (W2W) flotels, accommodation rigs and vessels, Barges, Lifting, and Construction Vessels, Operation and Maintenance, Freight, Specialized cargo ships.

Dry Cargo Ships, Short-sea, Bulk Carriers, General Cargo Vessels, Container Vessels, Reefer Vessels, Ro-Ro Vessels, Liquid Cargo Ships, Oil/Crude Carriers, Product tankers, Deep-sea tankers, FPSO, LNG carriers,

Navy, Coast-guard, Cruise, Tugs, Fishing vessels, Construction vessels, subsea vessels, Ice Breaking Vessels, Cable Laying Vessels, Seismic Vessels, Fire Fighting Vessels, Well Intervention Vessels, Yachts.

Ship Yards, Heavy duty industry, Fabrication facilities, Modules, and Equipment Makers, Contractors and system integrators, Design and Engineering Companies, New builds, Retrofits, and MMO projects, etc.

Oil & Gas refinery, Shipping Container ports, Loading and unloading harbors, Industrial docks, Terminal seaports, Multimodal and multi-purpose ports, Passenger Cruise terminals, Vessel Bunker quaysides, Ferry terminals,


  • Our Vision is to position us as the preferred integrated supplier. Providing efficient and high-quality service, products and technologies. Through the provision of smart and service-oriented solutions to the Maritime and Offshore industries — on a global business platform


  • Clearly understand the client needs, and provide cost-saving and innovative solutions. To make operation simpler for asset owners and operators, and care for the seafarers welfare. We deliver in a positive, compliant and efficient way — while building on service and trust, one-project and one-client at the time.


  • Respect for all people we encounter and for our environment
  • Ambition is what drives us towards a goal and makes us grow
  • Safe work environment because people are our most important assets
  • Teamwork is what makes us deliver and to get happy customers returning


  • Help clients on problem solving and solution findings to achieve their goals.
  • Focus on customer service, follow-ups and assist with asset life-cycle-management
  • Listen to understand what our clients perceived value & real needs are
  • Providing clients with high-quality & real-value Products & Services
  • Do our utmost to deliver on-time, on-budget and according to requirements


We are a diversified one-stop-shop company for Offshore and Marine supplies. We are working long-term with our clients with strategic strong alliances on our team. We are an information savvy company, high on tech and price competitive.

We have high expectations and systems in place to ensure that we keep up with a high-quality standard for our deliveries. We continuously improve our systems and people to deliver in line with customer expectations and industry standards. Please read our Policies for "Quality Assurance", "Customer Service" and "Supplier Policy" under Corporate footer menu.

"Order" is our first law, and our suppliers and partners reflect our capabilities. That is why we are selective with who we work with. We work efficiently, systematically and continue to improve our work processes and best practice. Throughout the supply chain and in pace with market development and clients needs. Our company is an approved International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA), supplier.

Knowledge is key and we provide understanding and intelligence to our solutions. We have outstanding customer service that is responsive, good on follow-ups and on aftersale service. We have a high service diversity with integrated freight solutions.

Transparency in business processes is important to us. We put ethics, honesty, and integrity high. Please read our "CSR Policy" and "Code of Conduct Policy", under "Policy" in the footer menu, for how we care about our ethics.

As an extension to the SOLAS convention, the International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS) was enforced after 9/11. We have ISPS training and are certified to enter Ports in our region to serve and deliver to clients and ships on-site.


"I would like to express my complete satisfaction to service and support experienced during our purchase/deliveries. All went to our utmost satisfaction, very quick response even during holiday time, smooth deliveries without faults. I would wish such a service to be everywhere else!" Ship Agent Purchasing Officer.

"We are happy to have Norsta Ship Supply as a provider of our ongoing needs for PM and CM spares". Ship owner representative. 

"A hands-on team, good communication with clean processes. As expected"! After Market representative. 

"Good and friendly customer service, very helpful. Thanks"! Procurement Manager. 

"We are dependent upon reliable partners with deliveries that are correct, on budget and on-time. Good job!" QA Manager.

We use codes from well-known International Associations

When communicating specifications across borders, with a variety of languages, things can be complicated. To avoid misunderstandings we utilize ISSA Back Office numbering systems, as well as IMPA Marine Stores Guide (MSG) catalog codes.