Norsta Ship Supply – delivery to Greek operator

  • Norsta Ship Supply – delivery to Greek operator

    Norsta Ship Supply – delivery to Greek operator

            — Ship supply to transatlantic commodity carrier to Alimos based operator of handysize bulk fleet.

    Since the start of December 2019, Norsta Ship Supply has served a Greek client with ship supply to their Portuguese flagged bulk carrier, the “MV Waal Confidence”, Enroute Brazil – Norway, (Christmas edition-2019).

    Ship supplies

    The Norwegian based service company to the Marine, Offshore, and Energy sectors, Norsta Ship Supply, successfully completed a new ship chandler project.  The company specializes in ship supply at ISPS ports and offers a wide range of complementary services.

    Offerings from design and development phases to a full turnkey range of service and supply solutions, through a single point of contact. Including services such as ship chandler, aftermarket, outfitting, service personnel, equipment rentals, logistics, trading, and advisory.

    Norsta initiates its chandler operation of procurement management from its office in the city of Haugesund, Norway. “We offer an ocean of services from a single point of contact”. As such, Norsta reaches far beyond its physical presence. “With our sophisticated logistics operations, we are able to serve ships anyplace in the world. We do so by having tailored systems and strategic business partners throughout regions — keeping a tight collaboration, but flexible structure”.

     Waal Confidence, with courtesy to

    On this project, we supported the operation, conveying amid the ship’s ongoing requirements, any of significance — and the client’s operation headed from Greece. As our client contacted us in early December, we were able to come up with good solutions, working closely with our local partners.

    We completed ship deliveries to a multiple of stores, such as cabin store, deck store, galley store, and engine store. Nevertheless, some electrical systems had to be addressed and modified from 220V and 230V down to 110V. Yet, we were able to find good solutions to accommodate functional integrity, while adapting to the ship’s electrical systems.

    Ship’s owners, operators, and state flags.

    The ship is sailing under Portuguese flag, with its homeport in Madeira. Which would imply the flag state to be the Portuguese owned “Island of Madeira” in the East part of Atlantic Ocean. Which is a self-Governed State. (Região Autónoma da Madeira, see left side flag).

    The vessel is a ship in a fleet of fifteen bulk carriers, varies in sizes from 18-38.000 Dead Weight Ton (DWT), all Handysize. The ship is operated by our Greek client under commercial and technical management for their Principal owners. Connected with a complimentary group of companies headed out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    The client’s core business is operational, technical, and crew management of bulk carriers. With the main objectives to (…) Monitor all safety, operational and technical aspects of the managed fleet. The client is seated at Alimos, which is a municipality in South Athens, Greece (right side flag. City of Athens at the below photo).

    Norsta Ship Supply has a few clients from Greece at the moment, and the shipping activities there are substantial. (…) Many Greek shipping companies have their headquarters located in Athens.

    (…) Greece is a maritime nation by tradition, as shipping is arguably the oldest form of occupation of the Greeks, and has been a key element of Greek economic activity since ancient times.

    Today, shipping is the country’s most important industry worth $21.9 billion in 2018. (wiki).




    Ships master data

    The ship is Japanese built from 2009, fabricated at the “Shin Kochi Jyuko” Shipbuilding Yard in Japan.

    The steel hull is spanning 180 meters in length and 28 meters wide, with a capacity of 33.387 (DWT). Which makes her in the “Handysize” ship size class.

    The ship is self-supplied with four loading and discharging deck and cargo cranes, to its five cargo hold cover-hatches, (left side photo).


    Waal Confidence, with courtesy to

    Hydro Alunorte, Brazil

    Prior to the ship enters Brazil (flag), the vessel came in from the Caribbean — an industrial hub of “Point Lisas” in Trinidad, Maximo October.

    Entering Brazilian waters on the 22nd of November. After loading completion at Vila do Conde, Brazil, she sailed out into open waters two days later, on the 24th of November.

    The port of Vila do Conde is located at Brazil’s northeast, in the state of Pará, facing the Atlantic Ocean, (highlighted in red on the map).

    The capital and largest city are Belém, which is located at the mouth of the Amazon.

    Pará is the most populous state of the northern region, with a population of over 7.5 million, being the ninth-most populous state in Brazil (wiki).

    The vessel loaded dry bulk at the Hydro Alunorte, (left side map-view), at the port of Vila do conde in Barcarena, Brazil. (…) In Barcarena, the bauxite from the mines of Paragominas and Trombetas is refined into alumina, (alunorte).

    The Alunorte plant has a capacity of 6.3 million tonnes annually, it has 2,200 employees and is a significant employer in Barcarena in the state of Pará.

    Hydro Aluminium acquired 51% of the plant from the Brazilian mining and logistics company Vale S.A. Initiating an LOI in 2010, then acquisition in 2012, and then became the majority shareholder.

    The other current stakeholder is NAAC – Nippon Amazon Aluminum Co. Ltd, which is a consortium of Japanese trading companies.

    The mining industry extracts the bauxite, (picture below of rock) which is a mineral naturally found in Brazil, and then process into “aluminia” (…) The Paragominas bauxite mine is located in the east of the state of Pará in Northern Brazil, one of the world’s richest sources of bauxite, (

    Aluminia, (picture of white powder), is a raw material for aluminium, as a result of the “Bayer process”. The Bayer process is the principal industrial means of refining bauxite to produce alumina (aluminium oxide), (wiki).

    The Albras plant at Barcarena then processing aluminia into primary aluminium, “ingots” aluminium bars, (top left middle picture, with courtesy to owner). From this form, the bars will be further processed into products, in countries like Norway. Albras has been feeding domestic and world-wide markets like Norway with high purity ingots since 1985. (left side picture, port of Alunorte, with courtesy to owner).


    Trading in global commodities.

    The raw materials at the Hydro plants and the seagoing trade routes between Alunorte, Brazil, and Norway are crucial for the supply chain and the production of aluminium products in Norway and other export markets.

    Although there have been challenges in this venture that Hydro came into in 2012.

    After a heavy rainfall February 2018, there were allegations of discharge of unclean water from Hydro’s sludge landfill at the Alunorte plant.

    After allegations of emissions, the production at Alunorte came to a slowdown, with half capacity in April 2018. Costing Hydro some 83 million USD in fines, according to preliminary accounts from the Brazilian authorities.


    In 2018 alone, the production slowdown in Brazil cost the company almost NOK 3 billion. Although the situation is still believed to be of a delicate matter.

    The production is running, and local unions are in ongoing negotiations per December 2019 according to news sources.

    (Picture of Paragominas bauxite mine, left side. Picture of Hydro Alunorte right side with courtesy to owner).



    A transatlantic journey from South America to Europe

    Crossing two and a half weeks at sea from East coast Brazil, going up through the North Atlantic during wintertime can be rough sailing. Following the Gulf Stream along the lines of Northeast Shelf with wave heights reaching above 42 foot as well as over 60 knots wind. (left side picture with courtesy to owner). As the ship comes into calmer Western European near-shore waters.

    The sailing routes from Brazil to Norway may variate from going South through the English Channel, at the strait of Dover, to alternative, UK’s North/Westside.

    At this particular sailing, the ship went in between Ireland and Wales/ UK, through the Isle of Man. It has smoother sailing conditions than in the open waters, (right side map).

    In such a sailing route, over the Atlantic, the temperature changes as the ship cross up from the equator and into the Northern hemisphere climate zone. To add to that, with a temperature of about 30 degrees plus, Celsius in Brazil, coming to Norway in December, with around freezing temperature — requires some adaptations to both ship and the crew.

    At the Irish sea —at hold for rerouting.

    After 17. days in open waters over the Atlantic Ocean, which is relatively quick for a commercial liner, she enters the Celtic sea on the 11th of December, through St. George’s Channel.

    As port schedules changes — so do sailing schedules.

    Another Hydro chartered bulker, the “MV Nordloire” left the same port in Brazil, some three days before the “Waal Confidence”. Upon arrival to Norway, “Nloire” discharged bulk cargo at Hydro Karmoy on the 11th of December — probably leading to sufficient bulk supply.

    Thereinafter, this port gets candled for “Waal confidence”. These sequences of events are normal dynamics of shipping logistics to flow with some lag time and flexibility.

    Our ship then continues into the British sector with standstill and slow speed for four days. Firstly, she is coming through Wales in the East, and Dublin on the Westside, (between Ireland and the United Kingdom).

    She then moves slowly up the North, passing the “Isle of Man”, then outside Glasgow, before the ship entering the North Channel (between Northern Ireland and Scotland).

    Waal confidence enters Norwegian waters late on the 14th of December 2019, the same day as she has Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) at Hoyanger.

    Norwegian waters

    On the 15th of December, she started her bulk discharging distribution route, to Hydro production facilities at the Norwegian coastline and fjords.

    Entering the fjord of Sogn (Sognefjorden) to Hydro Hoyanger, for discharging with two days laytime. She then continued to berth at Hydro Aluminium Ardalstangen for five days.

    Hydro Hoyanger and Ardal are two units out of 14 Hydro aluminium plants in Norway, and bulk cargo is being distributed according to the plant’s current production needs.

    “Hydro is a leading supplier of high-grade aluminium alloys, which are tailor-made mixtures of aluminium and other metals to enhance and enrich material properties (…) Hydro produces all standard and custom aluminium extrusion alloys and tempers, shapes, and sizes, by both direct and indirect extrusion”, (

    Meanwhile, Norsta Ship Supply has done its purchase service and arranged for suppliers and logistics. At Ardalstangen port, the ship Agents have received batches of parcels and pallets of goods from Norsta Supply-chain. Cargo in transit is being stored in their warehouse for delivery onboard the Waal Confidence once it arrives.

    The ship Agents consolidate the shipments to each ship and make sure it’s being signed-in to the Master, in between dispatch of cargo to the plant’s main terminal.

    Once the ship is empty, she will go out into international waters for a new round of cargo loading to the next assignment.


    (Hydro Aardalstangen/ Sognefjorden, above picture with courtesy to owner).










    (Hydro Hoyanger/ Sognefjorden, above picture with courtesy to owner).

    Norsta Ship Supply, 2020 outlook

    Reaching the year-end 2019, Norsta Ship Supply is looking back on a prosperous year in many ways. The company is expecting further growth next year for 2020. As such, despite a still challenging shipping forecast, with macro development of trade tensions and geopolitical risks in some important markets is pending.

    Next year, Norsta expects an increased frequency of ship handlings and trading volume. Both on the technical side, and on the product segment of provisions — which is becoming a more important area of the traded goods overall. Such growth will be achieved partly organically for new clients at existing ports — as well as securing a high degree of customer retention.

    To retain and develop clients, Norsta will seek to further understand and build on customer’s perceived value and fair pricing models. One of our general strong points is quick service to all ship stores, through one single point of contact — which would suggest an important value proposition to our client’s operation. Hence delivering a superb service level, focus on the client’s needs, quality in projects, and customer satisfaction is ongoing work.

    Norsta will also be materializing and expanding its geographical port coverage, as part of our long term strategy of becoming a quality ship chandler with global coverage. Hence our course is set with the wind in our sail, our expansion has no rush but serving one client at the time and going project by project without compromising quality.

    On-demand port-calls

    For provision needs, Norsta has established delivery units at the moment to ports throughout Norway, Chile, and Singapore. Elsewhere in the world is per request basis. For technical requirements, Norsta delivers to larger parts of the world per request. If your company has requirements at any port in the world, we can source and deliver on-demand. Norsta also offers fleet agreement for ongoing needs, to improve costs and predictability.

    We will take the opportunity to thank our partners, suppliers, and Agents for a good job delivered. We thank our client for the assignment, and wish the ship Bon Voyage on its journey, and welcome to serve maybe your ship the next time.

    We take the opportunity to welcome asset owners and operators, ship management companies, and Ship Agents to contact us when in need ship supply of any sort! Call us at +47 92253016 or mail customer service at for more information, or visit our webpage 

    We are ready to assist your needs with “An ocean of Services”

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