Norsta Ship Supply delivers ship chandler project to vessel calling for Aardalstangen port, Norway.

  • Norsta Ship Supply delivers ship chandler project to vessel calling for Aardalstangen port, Norway.

    Norsta Ship Supply delivers ship chandler project to vessel calling for Aardalstangen port, Norway.

    Ship Chandler Service

    The Norwegian General Ship Chandler, Norsta Ship Supply, successfully delivers another Chandler project to Greek client. The ship supply consisted of 12 pallets of Provisions-store, normal dispatch, and transit goods, as well as Cabin-store, and Safety-store.

    The client’s vessel, the “MV Happy Venture” is one, in a fleet of four state-of-the-art bulk vessels. With a deadweight of 28.587 metric ton and 175-meter long, she is sailing under Maltese state flag.

    The vessel owner and operation is headquartered in Athens, Greece. The previous port-calls came through Rounen, France at the river Seine. Where she was loading bulk cargo, for its voyage to Norway. She arrived at Hydro Aluminium’s terminal Aardalstangen port, Friday last week. On her final journey through the narrow fjords, she was supported by a local nautical pilot, deep into one of the Norwegian fjords, at the end of the beautiful Sognefjorden.

    Hydro Aluminium Aardalstangen port.

    Provision store

    To run a chandler operation like this smoothly, we work closely together with highly skilful and local partners. For provisions, it is important that our suppliers meet Norway’s strict food control Act. Our sub-suppliers are well experienced where they secure and carefully select the freshest products available from farmers and manufacturers. Timely purchase and deliveries of perishable products are critical. We deliver the longest durability possible for products like dairy, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. While loading all provisions onboard, the cargo is being checked. Each batch is reviewed by the ship’s cook, to reassure quality standards and client’s expectations have been met.

    Cabin store and safety store

    Norsta Ship Supply delivers all the stores and procurement needs onboard any ship. For this project, we also delivered cabin-store, including consumables and maintenance equipment. As well as Safety-store, with emergency and lifesaving equipment. Life-saving equipment in which needs to be onboard and ready to be used, if needed, according to SOLAS regulations.

    We deliver as promised, timely and compliant

    For sourcing and procurement, we work with hundreds of local, national and international sub-suppliers and partners. In order for us to accommodate all inquiries from our clients to their ever-changing destinations. Transport companies move cargo from manufacturers and warehouses to inbound and international airports, further to the local seaport terminal.

    We work closely with the ship’s owner, management company and the captain, which is an efficiency driver to process timely input for operation. In projects like this, it is essential with control of efficient logistics, and cargo in motion. The ship itself is a moving target, with short “laytime” at the port, as they discharge or load their cargo. So our cargo can’t be too early and it can’t be too late, arriving at the port. Including the short time tables, production of timely documentation is also required to fulfil procedures leading up to delivery.

    The local Ship Agent is for this project, Grieg Logistics company in Sogn, that facilitates us at the local port, they are a vital part of our operation. As a team with clear objectives, we work 24/7 for a project to run smoothly. We work by our Quality Management System, with efficient procedures according to the nature of our operation and the ISO 9001:2008 system with a continuous improvement loop. Follow up’s on all pending activities are vital to reassure the expected outcome are being met in time, and happy clients return to us for service.

    We support port-calls throughout the Norwegian coastline

    Our network of pre-qualified partners, allows us to deliver ship supplies along the coast of Norway and offshore. We thank our dear partners, suppliers, Agents, and transport companies for a good job delivered, and our dear customers for the assignment, and wish the ship Bon Voyage on its journey and welcome again!

    We welcome ship owners, ship management companies, operators, and Ship Agents to contact us when they need ship supply of any sort! Call us at +47 92253016 or mail us at for more information, or visit our webpage 

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