Norsta Ship Supply deliver chandler project to bulk-carrier at Hydro Aluminium, Karmøy-Norway

  • Norsta Ship Supply deliver chandler project to bulk-carrier at Hydro Aluminium, Karmøy-Norway

    Norsta Ship Supply deliver chandler project to bulk-carrier at Hydro Aluminium, Karmøy-Norway

    Chandler Service from a quality ship supplier

    The Norwegian based General Ship Chandler, Norsta Ship Supply, successfully delivers another Ship Chandler project to Hong Kong-based client. The Marshall Island flagged and Canadian owned vessel, a laker, called the “MV Federal Satsuki” is a bulk carrier. She is 200m long, 24m wide, and with her six cargo hatches she has a capacity at summer DW 36000 ton, with her home-port at Majuro. She has just a few days port berthing at Karmoy in Norway before continuing her Northern journey.

    Prior to the current port-call at Karmoy, she came from Brazil, unknown if she was loading or discharging, but most likely the latter. At Karmoy she is discharging oxide or alumina. A raw material used in the aluminium production at Hydro Aluminium, Karmoy in Norway. The vessel will departure ETD at 11th of August, heading for remote areas of Canada and the great lakes.

    As such a long voyage, and with a crew of 22 seamen, a fresh ship supply of quality provisions is crucial. We respect the work and welfare of the seamen and provide nutritious food and drink for the journey.


    Delivering client value proposition on-speck and on-time.

    This is where Norsta Ship Supply assists its clients, and deliver a skillful value proposition. With sturdy partners and sourcing capabilities, Norsta Ship Supply deliver whatever the ships need alongside the vessel, at any port. Handling all logistics supplier-to-port, including importation, and exportation. Quick and easy for ship management!


    We always deliver, 24/7 – 365 a year!

    Norsta Ship Supply now cover most of Norway’s coastline, together with strong partners for the delivery of fresh provisions to platforms and the offshore fleet. Also smaller merchant ships, or larger crude carriers, bulk carriers, oil tankers, product tankers, in the class of Handysize, Supramax, or Ultramax.

    Client’s can trust us to quote and deliver on the specification requirements or suggesting alternative solutions where there are if any challenges. We stretch and do our utmost for client’s 100% satisfaction. With trustworthy operational systems in place, we are always in control as “order” is our first law


    Operation and maintenance needs

    Operation and maintenance needs for the aftermarket is also an important business area for us. Such as; technical, mechanical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment or outfittings to ships and rigs. We supply OEM parts or alternative parts, whatever is required. We ship from our established network, or we source and procure from, and deliver to most hubs of the world. We urge to comply with any technical integrity for maintenance and ship operation needs.

    We support port-calls throughout the Norwegian coastline

    Our supply chain management acts quick and will go the extra mile to deliver as requested. We would take the opportunity to thank our partners, suppliers, Agents, and transport companies for a good job delivered, and our dear customers for trusting us to deliver. We wish the ship Bon Voyage on its journey and welcome again at any time.

    We welcome ship owners, ship management companies, operators, and Ship Agents to contact us when they need ship supply of any sort! Call us at +47 92253016 or mail us at for more information, or visit our webpage 

    We stand-by, ready to assist your needs!

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    Best regards,

    Your Norsta Ship Supply Team

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