Agreement with NORMAR Far-East Services. (Singapore)

  • Agreement with NORMAR Far-East Services. (Singapore)

    Agreement with NORMAR Far-East Services. (Singapore)

    Normar collaboration

    — Norsta Ship Supply, is a Norwegian based service provider to the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas sectors. The company announces a sales and distribution agreement, with a well known marine safety brand, “NORMAR” located in Singapore.

    The Normar branded lifeboats and rescue boats, are manufactured according to the latest IMO and SOLAS regulations. Norsta Ship Supply now distributes the products to the Maritime and Offshore, Oil and Gas markets.  It will also serve clients for aftersales service.

    To cover life-saving segment

    Our aim is to be a quality provider of robust outfittings with well robust brands and solutions. The collaboration is an important step for our long-term outfitting portfolio to the life-saving segment. As we are currently establishing these days.

    Global sales and North Sea basin

    The Norwegian office aims to focus especially on supporting clients operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Such to lift the overall brand awareness and customer satisfaction in the North Sea basin. This applies also for aftersale service. However, as the company has a global view of the market, it is now equipped to deliver quality products to the life-saving segments, worldwide, says General Manager Tommy Nilsen.

    For more information about our company or how we may assist you in life-saving and rescue outfittings, please contact us via this link. 

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